An Innovative Surveillance System Deployed By Police for VVIP Security Helmet Camera & Drone watch

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Mob Analysis and Surveillance System - M.A.S.S. was introduced for winter assembly session 2016, of Maharashtra Government. This was an Assignment of Police Department, Special Branch (SB) Nagpur. It was a unique concept. It was for the first time that Nagpur Police used Helmet and drone camera developed by Embedded Creations for controlling the Mob during Winter Session, 2016. This concept has been used for the first time in India. The Successfull implementation of M.A.S.S. Technology, gave creative team of Embedded Creations, an opportunity to showcase all our innovative products at TANTRA exhibition. This exhibition was organized by Nagpur City Police. Implementing camera on the helmet for controlling the mob was itself an innovative concept. Collecting data in the form of video streem, that can be used as an evidence was the key aspect of project. Complete design and implementation of the helmet and onsite maintenance were managed by interns under the supervision of an expert team of Embedded Creations and Jigyasa Research Center. All Interns worked on site with high rank officers from police department. Training / Internships / Research / Innovation / Prototype Development

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The concept and idea were appreciated by Commissioner of Police, Nagpur, DCP, SB Branch, Nagpur. Almost all newspapers took the note of it.. Our Team of Professionals and Interns won the Best Smart Technology Award at TANTRA - a technical expo organised by Police Department. Designing and installation of thecamera on helmet had to be researched and applied. The Drone had to be properly programmed so as to collect all movements without shooting sensitive and security zones. The Project is still under development at JRC. Interns are developing the software for the same system which will be useful for disaster management and mob control activities.